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Finnish courses

Kompassi offers Finnish language courses four days in a week. These courses are free and open for all and they are held at Kompassi’s premises on Hapelähteenkatu 33.
You do not need to register / sign-up for these courses.

The levels mentioned here are determined by Kompassi, they do not correspond to the official language levels.

Course brochure (Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic)

Kompassi’s Finnish language courses offer variety of opportunities for the students to study the language.
 We offer two different levels of language learning (for beginners and for little advanced levels), through which you can learn grammar and language structure.
 Apart from this, you can practice speaking Finnish language in two different levels (beginners and for little advanced). Students are encouraged to speak more Finnish in these interactive groups.
Anniina Tourunen
Anniina Tourunen

Finnish teacher
050 3264 909

Hapelähteenkatu 33
70100 Kuopio

Non-Stop Courses

Learning level 2
  • from 14-16
  • little advanced
  • grammar

For ex: consonant gradations (verbs and nouns), part of speech, objects, comparative adjectives, plural partitive, sentence types

Finland and me
  • from 16.30-18.30
  • little advanced
  • interaction and discussions

For ex: authentic texts, Finnish history & society, festivity calendar, cultural themes, spoken language, searching employment, know your city

Finnish in everyday life
  • from 14-16
  • beginners + a little advanced
  • interaction and discussions

For ex: vocabulary (time, food, family, occupation, animals, housing, etc.), festivity calendar, transactions, questions, know your city

Learning level 1
  • from 15.30-17.30
  • beginners
  • grammar

For ex: alphabets, verbs and verb conjugation, key word types and cases, possessive structure

Let’s speak Finnish: (level 1-4) Finnish discussion group

When and where?
Tuesday from 3pm to 4pm (15:00 – 16:00 hrs) at Kompassi (Hapelähteenkatu 33)

  • Variety of subjects are discussed in this group along with learning Finnish vocabulary and sentence framing with the help of board-games.

This group is open and free for all.

Don’t be shy. Welcome to speak Finnish!

Let’s read together group – Finnish lessons only for women

When and where?
Tuesdays from 12 – 14 at Kompassi (Hapelähteenkatu 33)

Come and learn Finnish language through – books, newspapers, pictures, speaking and writing!

The idea is:

  • one teacher for 1-2 students
  • to make study plan according to the needs and level of the student
  • to meet new people and make friends
  • this is not your normal classroom study

You can bring your kids with you! Remember, this group is only for women!

”It starts with A” – Finnish basics for the reading and writing under skilled

Where and when?
Thursdays from 11-13 at Kompassi (Hapelähteenkatu 33)

You can contact / 044 078 7282 for enrollment or more questions.

  • Learning Finnish reading and writing basics with the Finnish alphabets. Teaching is done slowly with the help of pictures and other props.
  • The course is meant for those who do can’t read or write in their mother tongue, or those who don’t know English alphabets
  • Teachers are Kompassi’s volunteers.

Welcome to learn Finnish step by step and word by word!